Kenilworth Court Legal Structure and Management
Our eight mansion blocks were built 100 years ago and they surround our beautiful gardens. The mansions were originally built as rented family accommodation. Then between 1950 and the mid ’70s residents were able to acquire individual leases and eventually as a body secured the freehold of the overall Court of 150 flats. They formed the “Kenilworth Court Co-ownership Housing Association Limited” (KCCHA), which is a non-profit company and wholly owned by the leaseholders. In the mid 1990’s most apartments took out Lease Extensions and a similar exercise, again for most apartments, has just been completed by the management team in March 2012.

Management Committee
The KC Management Committee is the Legal entity representing the Association and as the ‘Freeholder’ is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the Association’s affairs. The Committee is made up of up to 15 elected leaseholders. It can also co-opt up to 5 more leaseholders as ‘experts’ to assist in its deliberations. The Committee meets 6 to 8 times each year. Members give their time entirely voluntarily and are voted in (and out) at the Annual General Meeting. This co-operative system ensures that Leaseholders remain in control of the court. The KC Committee appoints the General Manager and delegates the responsibility of managing the Court to him.

The General Manager
Steve Logie, General Manager, is in charge of the overall day-to-day operations, administration, special projects (entrance gates, new communal boilers, solar panels and lease extensions etc.) and the financial controls and financial reserves of the Association and he is assisted by the Association Secretary and Porters. He is responsible for the recruitment, training, motivation and discipline of the Porters and Maintenance Technicians. He must be contacted early in the process of altering and improving your flat. You may also contact him ( with suggestions and observations to help us all improve the Court.

The Association Secretary
Monika Senk-Sandercock, the Association Secretary, deals with much of the administrative work connected with running the Court and also acts as the first point of contact for residents when they call the office. She must be contacted early in the process of buying, selling or sub-letting flats. She should be contacted for any queries relating to Service Charge Invoices and payments, direct debits, payment by internet etc. She is also responsible for the Car, Motorcycle and Bicycle parking allocations and waiting lists.

The Senior Porter
The Senior Porter, reporting directly to the General Manager, is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of the Court, including supervision of the Porters, Maintenance Technicians and liaison with all contractors and their parking requirements. He also manages day to day the car park, motorbike spaces and bicycle sheds.

The Porters and Maintenance Technicians
The Porters are responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of the common parts, including hallways, stairs and landings, grounds and removing household refuse. There is a 7 year programme of improvements to work on, including maintaining the standard of paintwork in the communal areas, the door entry systems and electrical and pipe works. The gardens are also maintained by the Senior Porter and Porters with some voluntary help from residents.

Porters Lodge opening hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 7am to 9pm

Saturday mornings from 7.00am to 6pm

Management Office
The KC Office is open 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.